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"And so, what happened? Well, we actually encouraged the designers to save many more trees than they were going to. And it might not have been that they now cared about the trees and animals as much as we did, but they cared enough about what the community was saying. Aside from those people, a lot of others told us that they had not really thought about trees much before, but now they did. They said they no longer take trees for granted and that the next time they hear about something being built in their area, they are going to ask questions. That way we can make sure that the technologies we create are keeping our world beautiful and are also keeping our communities happy and healthy."

- Read more from our lead organiser, Rickie-Lee, here

UPDATE Nov 2016


NB: We have been speaking with our trees since 2013, but Keeping Randwick's Trees has not been involved in the recent protests,
nor any  past protests. 

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Despite many great community efforts over 2 years, 3 days after Christmas 2015, it took dozens of NSW State government contractors 3 days to remove 13 trees from Randwick, many of which held 'exceptional significance'. There is still nothing in their place.


From 2am 7th Jan 2016, along Centennial Park's Alison Rd frontage & the gateway to Randwick, 40 mature trees were removed. On 27th Jan, a further 8 historic trees were removed from Wansey Rd. In the past few months, many more irreplaceable trees have also been lost.


We are grieving this needless loss. Yet  even more trees standing healthy & strong now, remain set to be removed. Please keep speaking for our trees.






ANDREW CONSTANCE, Transport Minister

(02) 8574 5830

Tweet him @AndrewConstance

Write to him




JOHN BRADY, Transport for NSW

0408 881 222

(02) 9422 7799




TARA LARKIN, Transport for NSW 

(02) 9422 7769 



Over 400 of Randwick City's trees were approved for removal for a Light Rail that could have been built otherwise.


This included over a hundred
trees of 'exceptional significance', that should have been granted protection.    


Speak for the trees! Add your voice, because it matters. Tell the government how you feel about the continued needless loss of our significant trees. 


JUL 2015
JAN 2016

Photographs taken on Alison Rd near corner of Wansey Rd. 
Click the image to read our latest blog post, "Staying true".


We created the above petition when working with Randwick City Council on their 'Light rail trees' campaign late 2015

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