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Keep our trees to keep us healthy

We love the Randwick 'bush'...

Flying-foxes each night, foraging in the fig trees...Rainbow lorikeets chattering away amongst the palm and pine trees, both morning and afternoon... Our urban nature is flourishing.

Dr Stephen Livesley, urban researcher, has said,

"many people's experience of nature is very much in an urban context, so if you're able to bring some of the biodiversity into the city it means people will appreciate more of what it's like to live in Australia and have a little bit of the bush in their own 'backyard'".

He is quoted in this article here that nicely covers the importance of our trees to our health:

Our urban trees face increasing pressures from infrastructure developments (like the CBD and South East Light Rail project), as well as housing developments.

But the article describes why it is so important that our urban forest is maintained alongside such developments.

There does not need to be a trade-off.

We can't afford trade-offs.

Trees keep us healthy and help to keep things cooler in a hotter climate. We are blessed to have the trees we do in Randwick city. They are gifts to keep.

Because, of course more trees couldn't hurt.

But less definitely could.

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