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Randwick's irreplaceable trees

Did you know that those towering Cook Pines in High Cross Park are around 120 years old, and are listed as significant trees for their cultural as well as botanical value?

Did you also know that the century old Moreton Bay Fig Trees along Wansey Road (all of which are set to be removed in Light Rail plans by the way) are identified in Randwick City Council's significant tree register as making up the most outstanding single species row plantation in our Local Government Area?

The trees that are set to be removed along the Randwick Racecourse borders are trees of 'exceptional significance', and this fact was cited numerous times in the Light Rail's EIS (Environmental Impact Statement).

Killing these healthy trees (amongst the hundreds of others) to build a Light Rail instead of building the Light Rail around our trees and on the existing road (or underground) is unjustifiable. The true cost of such destruction is clearly not being considered.

Randwick City Council has already put together some great information about our special trees here:

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