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Gone too soon.

How dare they take what was not theirs to take?

How dare they deliberately suppress information about the tree removal plans from their glossy pamphlets & online updates?

How dare they downplay it all, claiming they are 'minimising' removals and 'replacing' our trees, somewhere in the LGA?

How dare they ignore expert research and knowledge?

How dare they dismiss more than valid community concerns and suggestions?

How dare they detach themselves so as to not feel it all - to see us as a nuisance -

How dare they see our trees as removeable in the first place?

They dare because they don't know you...

We tried our best to save your lives.

We tried, with kindness, to inspire those in power to save your lives.

Instead, we were faced with contempt - they chose to leave a community traumatised by the loss of so many of our daily companions,

You, who shaded & cooled us from the sun,

Sheltered us from the noise,

Housed native birds & other animals, Provided beauty & inspired joy.

And you were only the first family of trees out of so many more 'approved' to go.

For what? Nothing at all.

How dare they tell us it was too late to make changes while our beautiful heritage trees still stood tall & strong? They senselessly barged through to wholly destroy what life was there without adding anything.

They should feel guilty for what they have done, but only to realise that they can make the changes that need to be made now, to save our significant trees that still stand.

It is not too late for them.

But there are also six beautiful & irreplaceable century-old Hills Weeping Fig trees that are set to be removed near the corner of Alison Rd, around the corner from where 12 of our trees have already been killed. Council needs you to demand that they speak up for these trees too. Too many involved gave up too soon, and we have lost too much already.

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