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We care about trees and our community. We're here to make sure that keeping Randwick's trees is on the agenda.



We continue to engage with the community, as well as with government agencies and elected officials all to say that we're keeping Randwick's trees.



Our initiative developed in response to the plans for the NSW State government's CBD and South East Light Rail project in late 2013.

The plans allowed for the removal of over 400 trees in the Randwick Local Government Area (LGA), over a hundred of which are (or were) trees of 'exceptional significance'. 



We focus on the trees that are set to be removed within the Randwick LGA, although we are also concerned about the almost 800 trees removed or under threat of removal along the entire light rail route.



We have held events & completed art installations to spread awareness of the plans and show how the community values our invaluable, established trees.



Because trees are important. Not just on a global scale either.

It is not enough to just plant new trees. We need mature trees in the urban environment for shade, beauty, erosion management and our health, just to name some reasons.

Because the local trees that have been serving Randwick for 80 years, 100 years, and sometimes even 125 years need our help today so that they may prosper and serve us for at least that time again.

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